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A Collection of 50 1/1 original works by David Lopez Ponce, with the goal of revisiting the past and letting go of repressed emotional trauma.


Stuck Waiting at the Window

The Scent of you Makes Me Still

I Need to Stop Thinking of You

Stuck in the Void you Left Me in

All These Opinions Cloud My Judgement

Ginger Lemon Tea

It's Almost Impossible to Smile

Sometimes I Feel Like a Dickhead

You Steal My Vision

Tied to the Highs and Lows

The Demon I See in my Dreams

Stress Shown on My Face

Always Chasing Love

Love on My Mind, Call Me

Keep One Eye Open

Peace in the Midst of Flames

Stress Has my Hair Falling Out

Singing In the Shower

They Keep Telling Me to Climb the Ladder

Individuals Casting Judgement

Cynical Man

Self Destructive Cycle

Lonely Fisherman

You Bring Out the Worst in Me

Hard To Say Goodbye

Portals of the Mind

Prepared for the Journey Ahead

Moment of Dispair

It's Been a Long Night

Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Underwater

Lips and Secrets

You Waiting in My Dreams

Child Facing the Uknown

Resting in the Next World

A Chain of Forgotten Memories

In The Hot Tub at the Beach

I Know All Your Secrets

Cheap Vacation

Lost in Time and Space

In The Dark Peaking Through the Blinds

Haven't Slept in Days

Mother and Son

I See You in My Dreams

I Have No Words For You

You Have Me Lost in a Trance

My Eyes Can't Let Go of Yours

I Want to Hold Your Hand

Parasitic Relationship

I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

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