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Tales of a Dream

A collection of 20 1/1 artworks that arises from the dream realm. This collection follows ASTARiSK*. Once an artist overcome by emotional trauma has broken out of depression-induced insomnia and has been given the opportunity to dream again, exploring emotions and feelings of love, passion, joy, and ecstasy.

Raining Tears

Trapped in a Lava Lamp

Drowning in Galactic Quicksand

Women Surrounded by Love

Entering the Rabbit Hole

Head in the Clouds

You're the Women of my Dreams

Overwhelming Ecstacy

Girl Playing Piano

Hair Tangled in Time

Blinds Blocking out the Pain

Breathe of Astral Air

Crown of Stars, Flying through Time


Desire in Mist

Feeling like Love

Floating with Planets

Sunbathing by an Astral Ocean

In Space Laying by the Ocean


Swallowed by Joy

Wide Awake in my Dreams

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